Jamoi (yhamie28) wrote,

Big Bang VS Arashi

Okay, before you guys misinterpret the title, let me just say one thing. I'm a BIG Arashi and Big Bang fan. And I wouldn't be the first one to ask them to fight against each other. No bashing please.

So why the title? Well, recently there were news that Arashi will release their new album "Love" in October. In addition, Big Bang is reportedly releasing a single this late October or early November. According to the sources, Big Bang will be promoting both in Korea and Japan.

With that, Arashi and Big Bang might go head-to-head in Oricon charts in Japan. But of course, no doubt Arashi will take the 1st spot. Not that I doubt Big Bang's popularity in Japan. It's just that we're talking about Arashi here for God's sake. They have 1.5 million members in their official fanclub. How do you expect to beat that? Hehe.

But what I'm thinking is that if Big Bang will promote in Japan then that means they might be in the same music shows with Arashi. And because I love both groups, I have been waiting for that day when I can see both of them in one show. Moreover, Arashi has regular shows in Japan. Don't you just love to see our five Korean boys battling with Arashi in VS Arashi? Or sharing a lot of Korean stuff to our five Japanese boys in Arashi ni Shiyagare? I think an episode like that would be very epic!

I know it's gonna be a showdown by two idols but somehow I think Big Bang have really a lot to learn from Arashi. After all they were in the industry much longer than Big Bang. Maybe they can show Big Bang how to capture most of the Japanese fans. Hehehe.

Anyway, this is just my wishful thinking. Arashi - Big Bang collaboration in one show would be fantastic baby! Crossing my fingers up to the time when this will happen. :)
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