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YG Win Episode List and MP4

The YG stan in me is again here supporting our Big Bang-oppa and 2NE1-unnie hoobaes. YG started WIN (Who Is Next?) which will determine the new boy group to debut next. Two teams are competing against each other and the winner will be determined by online votes - no manipulation and the likes.

So far four episodes have been aired and I'm sure a lot of you now has a team you support. Well, a few are like me I guess - confused of what team to root for.

This battle is getting pretty interesting as next week's episode, Ep 5, the sunbaes (GD and YB) are going to battle against each other. And I will be able to see TOP next week! Yay! Who do you think will WIN?

Luckily for us international fans, good samaritans are always around to give us subbed WIN videos as quickly as they can. Don't you just love that?

Here you go with the episodes. These are from onewomansubs. And yeah, I will be providing download links (mp4) for her so I will just link her blog instead.

Press Conference
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

If you have any request just hit it below!
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