mabuhay~ konnichiwa~ hello~ annyeonghaseyo~

Hello. My name is Jamie (pronounced as jah-mee, not jay-mee). Some friends call me jamoi, yamie, jam-jam and jham. I'm 24 now and an online English teacher. I'm an Arashi + Big Bang + 2NE1 + YG Family fangirl from the Philippines.

This lj would basically serve as a compilation of my everything - personal and fangirling stuff. I'm currently on an Arashi vid marathon and I made it a habit to upload once downloaded vids. I feel like these vids would go to waste if I don't back them up. However, most of these vids are from fansubbing communities and you know the rules in these communities. As much as I want to make you guys see how awesome these idols are, I have to adhere with the community rules.

I know most of you are really big fans of Arashi and Big Bang and 2NE1 just like me! So if you are, feel free to add me and let's talk about our favorite idols! I'd appreciate it much if you leave a little introduction on this entry.

Yoroshiko onegaishimasu! :)

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Back in writing after a long hiatus!

It's almost 8am. Just woke up. My body is sore. We had a 2-day camping at Laiya, Batangas last weekend. It was for our PE 2 Camping.

Sakit ng katawan ko. Umakyat ng bundok, nag-snorkeling, kayaking, jetti jumping and banana boat! Super super fun talaga.

Arashi Dramas and Movies

So I planned to marathon all Arashi dramas and movies. Thank God for subbers and encoders indeed! If you're planning to do the same but can't find copies of the drama just ask me. I won't be giving direct download links but I would at least help you guys find them. Let's just say I want you to respect the rules the subbers and uploaders have set for their work.


✓ Ohno - Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP
✓ Jun - Shitsuren Chocolatier
✓ Nino - Yowakutemo Katemasu
✓ Ohno - Shinigami-kun

✓ Jun - Lucky Seven SP
Aiba - Last Hope
✓ Sho - Kazoku Game
✓ Sho - Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de SP ~ Kazamatsuri Keibu no Jikenbo
✓ Ohno - Kyou no Hi wa Sayounara
✓ Jun - Hajimari no Uta SP

✓ Ohno - Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai
✓ Jun - Lucky Seven
✓ Sho - Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de SP
✓ Sho - Blackboard
❥ Aiba - Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri
✓ Ohno - Kagi no Kakatta Heya
✓Ohno/Sho - Papadol! (guest)
Nino - Kuruma Isu de Boku wa Sora wo Tobu

✓ Aiba - Bartender
✓ Nino - Freeter, Ie o Kau SP
Ohno - Kaibutsu-kun Shinsaku SP
✓ Sho - Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato De

✓ Saigo no Yakusoku
✓ Sho - Kobe Shimbun no Nanokakan
✓ Sho - Tokujo Kabachi!!
✓ Jun - Wagaya no Rekishi
✓ Ohno - Kaibutsu-kun
✓ Ohno - Mō Kaette Kita Yo!! Kaibutsu-kun Subete Shinsaku Special
✓ Jun - Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku
Ohno - Yonimo Kimyōna Monogatari: Hajime no Ippo
✓ Nino - Freeter, Ie o Kau

Ohno - Uta no Oniisan
Nino - Door to Door
Jun - Smile
Sho - The Quiz Show 2
Nino - Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara
Aiba - My Girl
Ohno - 0 Gōshitsu no Kyaku: First Story - Akogare no Otoko

Ohno - Maou
Nino - Ryūsei no Kizuna

Nino and Sho - Yamada Tarō Monogatari
Nino - Marathon
Nino - Haikei, Chichiue-sama

Nino - Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi ga Dekitakana

Nino - Yasashii Jikan

Ohno - Gekidan Engimono: Third Story - Katte ni Nosutarujii
Ohno - Yon-bun no Ichi no Kizuna
Nino - Minami-kun no Koibito

Ohno - Yoiko no Mikata
Ohno - Engimono: Mitsuo
Nino - Stand Up!!
Nino - Netsuretsu Teki Chūka Hanten

Ohno - Shōnen Taiya: Third Story - Aoki-san Uchi no Oku-san

Ohno - Speed Star
Nino - Handoku

Nino - Namida o Fuite

V no Arashi
Nino - Kowai Nichiyoubi
Nino - Abunai Houkago

Nino - Akimahende
Nino - Nijuroku ya Mairi
Nino - Amagi Goe


Sho - Kamisama no Karute 2

Sho - Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de (movie)
Jun - Hidamari no Kanojo
Nino - Platina Data

Ohno - Kaibutsu-kun the Movie
Nino - Gantz
Nino - Gantz: Perfect Answer

Nino - Ōoku

Nino - Heaven's Door

Kiiroi Namida

Nino - Tekkon Kinkreet
Nino - Letters from Iwo Jima

Pikanchi Life Is Hard Dakara Happy

Nino - Ao no Honō

Pikanchi Life Is Hard Dakedo Happy

New Year's Resolution!

It's that time of the year again! Or should I say, it's that time when the year ends and a new year begins again! How was your 2013 so far? Looking back on my 2013, I feel like I didn't really accomplish anything. I quit my old job, started with a new one and lived with my family under the same roof. I think this is the first time since high school that I've lived with my family that long. I have always been away due to school and work and may have only stayed home for the whole summer or just for a couple of days.

Anyway, back on assessing the year, I really thought my 2013 is the plainest year of my life. I have a job but I didn't gain more friends. I earn money but I wasn’t able to travel to different places. I became an antisocial. I had no boyfriend this year! I was supposed to learn a new language but I have only known how to read hiragana and katakana but not how to speak Nihongo. I haven’t joined any marathon. I didn’t lose weight. I didn’t achieve the body I have always wanted! I didn’t earn enough money to buy the stuff that I need or have my own savings. The only good thing that happened this year is that I lived with my family for a long time. But that’s just it! Maybe, I have improved my communication skills, but that’s because I have to. I’m an English teacher to Koreans.

So I decided to make my 2014 a better one. I mean way better than boring 2013. I can definitely say 2013 is not for me. But I can make a lot of difference in 2014. I should own 2014, right? We all should! So I’m making my new year’s resolution. I know, I know. You guys would say “Is that still a thing?” Well, it still is for me! Haha. So here goes my list:

1. Let go. You may ask why this is the first. You see I recently got in contact with my ex-boyfriend and realized that I still feel the same way I did 2 years ago. When I saw him again, it’s like every feeling I had then came back. And, he feels the same way too even after all these years. well, he confessed to me, you see. BUT, he still has a girlfriend. So, I decided that I should be off the hook of this guy. I mean, I can’t keep on loving the same person under the same circumstances as 2 years ago. I made him a cheater then and he’s doing the same thing now. It isn’t really good for him, for me and of course, for his girlfriend. I should just be happy for them and realize that he’s just not the guy for me. It’s hard. But I got on with my life for 2 years without him. I’m sure I can do it again for the next years. I think it’s the best thing to do to move forward. We can be friends but have to make a pact that we can’t think of the lingering feelings ever again. And try not to be sweet to each other as much as we can. Because it won’t definitely help us if we keep on doing what we are doing now. So yeah, I have to let go of my feelings for him and move on with my life with or without him in it.

2. Go back to school. I used to be a BS Geodetic Engineering student in UP Diliman. But I stopped and worked due to financial constraints. And it’s been 3 or 4 years since I skipped school. I still have a few semesters left to graduate and I realized that’s exactly what I wanted right now. I want to go back to school and study and graduate and get a decent job, not that teaching online is not a decent job. What I mean is that I want to have a profession I can be proud of. I want to work in the field I am most suitable in. I mean I’m not really good in English yet I’m teaching the subject because it’s helping me earn money. But I’m tired of doing this and not going anywhere with my life. It doesn’t even pay a lot. Honestly, I get embarrassed whenever I’m asked which university I went to not because it wasn’t a good but because I wasn’t a graduate. My university is the PREMIERE state university in the Philippines. It’s like the number 1 university here. Yet, I get embarrassed because I didn’t graduate from the university. And I don’t even know if there’s still some chance I’ll ever graduate there. I mean it’s been almost 4 years since I AWOL-ed. I don’t know if the university would still give me a readmission after so long. But I have to go back to school. I have to finish my studies because it’s the only thing I can carry around me with pride. I mean I can get real job once I graduate. I mean, there would be more opportunities than being a call center agent or online teacher or than minimal-paying jobs. I really want to be proud of myself. This whole not-going-to-school is bugging me now than it ever did before. So, I should at least try to earn some money so I could get back to school. And that leads to...

3. Earn more money. It sounds selfish to some but who doesn’t want to earn more money, right? Within this year, I’ve been earning just the minimum. At first I thought it was enough. But then you realized it’s never enough; especially when you’re paying the bills at home and supporting a younger sister with her studies (plus occasionally supporting an older sister). Not to mention, not having cell phone bills because I don’t use one most of the time and I only go out of the house once a month. I’m happy being able to support the family but sometimes it gets tiring too. And I really wish I could earn more money than what I’m earning now. I still got loads of debt to pay and I haven’t started paying them yet. Money isn’t everything but once you experienced the absence of it, you’ll realize it really is everything. So, I decided to take as much online jobs as I can and earn as much money as I can.

4. Explore the world. It doesn’t literally mean to explore the whole world. I’m still not earning enough to be able to afford that. I mean, I just go out of the house once a month. Yeah, that’s crazy but it’s true. I’ve been working from home since January and I never went out unless I needed to. Most of the time, I’m confined in my own little room, stuck on my notebook. I only go out for birthdays and groceries. That’s just it, as far as I can remember. Well, except when I went to Davao because of Yolanda. But I really miss going out to places I have and haven’t been. After realizing that life is short, I think I don't belong to this place. I think I can't be confined inside a room with four walls. I think I'm someone who's adventurous and should be out there having fun, travelling from place to place. As what I said, I didn’t really make new friends this year. And for the last eleven or twelve years of my life, I’ve been making new friends each year. But this year is so different. I was so antisocial. I was just glued to my notebook like all the time. I refused invitations from friends to go out. I was that person and I kind of hated it. This just isn’t me. I know myself as friendly and not a snob. I always smile to a lot of people because I know them but it seems I’m a foreigner in the very place I’ve been raised. I hated it. So come 2014, I should go out with as much people as I can and meet new people and maybe I could...

5. Get a boyfriend. I’ve been single for 2 years. Don’t you think it’s time for me to be happy and stop living a lonely life? Those 2 years have been really lonely for me. I’ve been with friends a lot of times but at the end of the day I don’t have someone I could go home to. It was so nice to have a boyfriend and confidant; someone who would always be there for you. Well, maybe not always. But admit it! Everyone wants a partner in life. Someone you can share your everyday with, someone who loves you without you begging for it, someone whom you can celebrate the holidays and special days marked on the calendar with, someone who’s willing to travel the world with you, and someone who tells you they love you. I envy those cute couples I see in the movies and everywhere. I’m a hopeless romantic because I’ve always been looking for the perfect one. But I know he’d never come because there’s no perfect one. I have to keep exploring the world so I can find my soul mate. And that’s why I should start going out of my house in 2014.

6. Be fit. And achieve that sexy bod! I’ve always been meaning to exercise whole year round. But it never happened. Sure I did some zumba and pilates sessions on my own but it didn’t get me anywhere. I am still fat. And that’s because I eat too much! I never went on a diet. I would eat as much food as I can. And then later on I feel grossed seeing my look in the mirror. But next year should be different. I should put eating in moderation and exercise more and more. I think this is the one thing I have to give to myself. I want to achieve this at least for once. I don’t want to end up getting jealous with other’s bodies come summer. I want to be the one getting envied with. Haha. So, yeah, 2014! I should have that nice bod!

7. A new look. This, most certainly, I need. With the new look, I mean a new hairstyle. I was born with curls. But I thought I don’t look good in them so I had them rebonded. But now I got tired of the long straightened hair. I want to have curls like Troian Bellisario or Beyonce. Those curls are really great! But I don’t know if they’re great on me. But who cares, right? I mean, I think I can pull off the curl look. It’s the attitude. And with that I want to change my whole style as well. I wasn’t really girly. I’m the type who wears chucks a lot. It’s cute but I always don’t care how I look. I think I should get more conscious now. I think I have to start by changing my hairstyle. And come 2014, it would be the first I will do!

8. Keep writing. I’m not and have never been a good writer. My thoughts always get jumbled. My vocabulary isn't deep. But I have lots of ideas. I just can’t put them in writing because I’m too lazy. But I feel like lots of ideas go to waste because I never wrote them down. I feel lazy all the time and suddenly new ideas pop into my head, making me forget the previous ones. But now I realize that I have to see how far I have gone in writing. I want to compare my old self with the new one. And that’s why I want to be able to write even if it’s just a sentence or a paragraph. So next year, I will make a journal and post in on my LJ. But of course it’d be on private. It’d be embarrassing if people see my day-to-day life, right?

9. Watch a concert of my favourite band. Yeah baby, 2NE1 is coming to Manila on May 17! This should be part of the resolution and should be a motivation to earn as much money as I can! It’s my favourite Kpop girl group and I would definitely go to their concert just like how I went to Big Bang’s! Plus it’s their 5th anniversary. Isn’t it wonderful they chose Manila out of all places? I have to be part of this celebration and I will enjoy as much as I want!

10. Get a life! That’s exactly what I will be doing in 2014! I’ve always been fangirling all this time. I’m a BIG fangirl and I prefer to stay home and get glued to my notebook than go out and have fun with real people! I feel like my whole year was taken away from me because of too much fangirling. I will definitely do all of the things from 1-9 and enjoy my life in 2014! It doesn’t mean I have to get wasted but I think it would come along with it, maybe. I should enjoy my 2014 as much as I can and as real as I can!

So how about you guys? What are your new year’s resolutions? Hit it there and tell me about it! :)

In just a few days, we’ll face a new year again. But this time, we all should make a difference! HAPPY NEW YEAR to y’all!!! HAPPY 2014 EVERYBODY!!! :) :) :)

Arashi ni Shiyagare Episode Guide

AniShi episode list for y'all! Okay so I was following's numbering. Episodes are verified in Arashi ni Shiyagare's Official Website. As with VS Arashi Ep Guide, dates with ♥ mean the episode is subbed and download links are still available. And unless I got permission from the subbers, I won't be including their work on the list.

[2010.04.24] 000
aniki: Cream Stew
mc: Hiroyuki Ariyoshi
encounter the unknown: Aiba x Bargainer Kaneko Tetsuo (bargaining)

[2010.05.01] 001
aniki: Shimura Ken

♥[2010.05.08] 002
aniki: Nakamura Shidō
mc: Oriental Radio

[2010.05.15] 003
aniki: Takada Junji
mc: Savannah
encounter the unknown: Nino x Demon of Crisis Management Terence Lee (crisis management)

[2010.05.22] 004
aniki: Nakayama Hideyuki
mc: Katou Cha
encounter the unknown: Ohno x Ramen King Ishigami Hideyuki (ramen)

[2010.05.29] 005
aniki: Black Mayonnaise
mc: Matsumoto Shinobu
encounter the unknown: Jun x Reporter Abe Yuuji

[2010.06.05] 006
aniki: Ito Terry
mc: Junichi Kōmoto, Degawa Tetsurō
encounter the unknown: Sho x Hardboiled Writer Kitakata Kenzo

[2010.06.12] 007
aniki: London Boots #1 #2
encounter the unknown: Aiba x World Sommelier Tasaki Shinya

[2010.06.19] 008
aniki: Sakai Masaaki
mc: Bibiru Oki

[2010.06.26] 009
aniki: Kiyohara Kazuhiro
mc: Knights
encounter the unknown: Nino x Brain Scientist Sawaguchi Toshiyuki

♥[2010.07.03] SP1
Encounter of the Unknown Special
Sho x Kaneko Tetsuo (bargainer)
Aiba x Tasaki Shinya (sommelier)
Ohno x Nezucchi
Nino x Terence Lee (crisis management)
Jun x Abe Yuuji (high-tension reporter)

[2010.07.10] 010
aniki: Tutorial
encounter the unknown: Jun x Mountaineer Kuriki Nobukazu

♥[2010.07.17] 011
aniki: Kikkawa Kouji
mc: Hiroyuki Ariyoshi
encounter the unknown: Sho x Marty Friedman

[2010.07.24] 012
aniki: Oguri Shun
mc: Komoto Junichi
encounter the unknown: Ohno and Aiba x Hasebe Makoto and Abe Yuuki (Japan National Football Team)

[2010.07.31] 013
aniki: Matsuko Deluxe
mc: Announcer Hatori Shinichi and Masu Taichi

[2010.08.07] 014
aniki: Takahashi Katsumi
mc: Oriental Radio
encounter the unknown: Jun x Movie Subtitle Translator Toda Natsuko, Angelina Jolie

[2010.08.14] 015
aniki: Osugi and Pico
mc: Bibiru Oki
encounter the unknown: Nino x Comedian Kanda Rome

[2010.08.21] 016
aniki: Joshima Shigeru and Kokubun Taichi (TOKIO)
mc: Matsumoto Shinobu

[2010.09.04] 017
aniki: Hakuho Sho
mc: Savannah
encounter the unknown: Ohno x Yaoi Junichi (UFO)

[2010.09.11] 018
aniki: Rokkaku Seiji and Gekidan Hitori
mc: Hiroyuki Ariyoshi
encounter the unknown: Nino x C.W. Nicol

[2010.09.18] 019
Run Over of 7 Aniki Guests Special

♥[2010.09.25] 020
2-Hour Special
aniki: Kimimaro Ayanokoji, Tanaka Yuji (Bakushō Mondai)
mc: Matsumoto Shinobu
special project: Dandyism Consultation Office
godparents: Kitakata Kenzou, Toda Natsuko, Sawaguchi Toshiyuki, C.W. Nicol
mc: Bibiru Oki

[2010.10.16] 021
aniki: Oizumi Yo
mc: Matsumoto Shinobu
special guest: Food Journalist Kishi Ayako

[2010.10.23] 022
aniki: Matsuoka Shuzo
mc: Komoto Junichi

[2010.10.30] 023
aniki: Yashima Norito
mc: Oriental Radio
encounter the unknown: Sho x Psychiatrist Nakoshi Yasufumi

♥[2010.11.06] 024
Dandyism Bureau Special - Solving Winter Problems
godfathers: Ishigami Hideyuki, Kitakata Kenzo, Sawaguchi Toshiyuki, Watanabe Youichi
mc: Bibiru Oki
encounter the unknown: Aiba x Gentleman of the Entertainment World Fujimura Shunji

♥[2010.11.13] 025
aniki: Miyane Seiji
mc: Moriwaka Sakiko

♥[2010.11.20] 026
aniki: Nobuhiro Takeda and Hironari Yamazaki (Untouchable)
mc: Masu Taichi

♥[2010.11.27] 027
aniki: Ameagari Kesshitai
mc: Matsumoto Shinobu

♥[2010.12.04] 028
aniki: Ōki Kodama (Ōki Kodama Hibiki), Gotō Terumoto (Football Hour), Ayabe Yuuji (Peace)
mc: Ōki Hibiki (Ōki Kodama Hibiki), Iwao Nozomu (Football Hour), Matayoshi Naoki (Peace)
encounter the unknown: Jun x World Champion Pâtissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi

♥[2010.12.11] 029
Arashi ni Shiyagare, Merry Diss-mas, Reflects Amongst the Five of You SP
mc: Bibiru Ooki
encounter the unknown: Aiba x Kiefer Sutherland

[2011.01.01] 030
New Year Special and Dandyism Bureau
aniki: Neptune, George Tokoro
godfather: Kitakata Kenzō, Sawaguchi Toshiyuki, C. W. Nicol, Ishigami Hideyuki, Hironobu Tsujiguchi
mc: UNJASH and Bibiru Oki

[2011.01.15] 031
aniki: Higashiyama Noriyuki
mc: Matsumoto Shinobu

♥[2011.01.22] 032
aniki: Matsuyama Kenichi
mc: Gotō Terumoto (Football Hour)
encounter the unknown: Jun x Matsunoya Eitarou

♥[2011.01.29] 033
aniki: Chihara Junior
mc: Masu Taichi
encounter the unknown: Nino x Kamamoto Kunishige

♥[2011.02.05] 034
aniki: Aoki Ryūji
mc: Ayabe Yuuji (Peace)

♥[2011.02.12] 035
aniki: Hatori Shin'ichi
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)
encounter the unknown: Nino x Underwater Photographer Yasushi Okumura

♥[2011.02.19] 036
aniki: Yuzu (Kitagawa Yuujin, Iwasawa Koji)
mc: Koumoto Junichi (Jicho Kacho)
encounter the unknown: Sho x Editor Matsuoka Seigou

♥[2011.02.26] 037
aniki: Miura Kazuyoshi
mc: Oriental Radio
encounter the unknown: Aiba x Knitwear Designer Hirose Mitsuharu

[2011.03.05] 038
aniki: Yanagiba Toshiro
mc: Katsumata Kunikazu

♥[2011.03.19] 039
aniki: Satou Ryuta
mc: Matsumoto Shinobu
corner guest: Hattori Yukio
encounter the unknown: Ohno x Close-Up Magician Maeda Tomohiro

[2011.03.26] 040
aniki: Funakoshi Eiichirou
mc: Audrey (Wakabayashi Masayasu, Kasuga Toshiaki)
encounter the unknown: Sho x YMO Takahashi Yukihiro

[2011.04.16] 041
aniki: Katsura Utamaru, Hayashiya Kikuou, Shunputei Shota
mc: Audrey (Wakabayashi Masayasu, Kasuga Toshiaki)

[2011.04.30] 042 | ♥arashi_zenshinn |
aniki: Matsuoka Masahiro (TOKIO)
mc: Ayabe Yuuji (Peace)
special guest: Ito Hideaki
encounter the unknown: Nino x Hired Driver Nakamura Toshio

[2011.05.07] 043
aniki: Sasaki Kuranosuke
mc: Oriental Radio

♥[2011.05.14] 044
aniki: Kawagoe Tatsuya
mc: Chihara Junior (Chihara Brothers)

[2011.05.21] 045
aniki: Hotei Tomoyasu
mc: Gotō Terumoto (Football Hour)
encounter the unknown: Ohno x Illustrator Nakamura Yusuke

[2011.05.28] 046
aniki: Tsutsumi Shin'ichi
mc: Audrey (Wakabayashi Masayasu, Kasuga Toshiaki)
encounter the unknown: Jun x Chef Chen Ken'ichi

[2011.06.04] 047 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
aniki: Korokke, Haraguchi Akimasa
mc: Katsumata Kunikazu
encounter the unknown: Sho x Bag Designer Yoshida Katsuyuki

[2011.06.11] 048
special: Dandyism Consultation Office
godfather: Kawagoe Tatsuya, Sawaguchi Toshiyuki, Matsunoya Eitarou, C.W. Nicol
mc: Bibiru Oki

[2011.06.18] 049
special: Encounter the Unknown SP
guests: Shigeharu Takeuchi (food sampler), Susumu Kakinuma (pizza maker), Toshio Iwasaki (coffee barista), Matsuki Yasutarou (how to eat eel), Shosu (calligraphy)
mc: Masu Taichi (Nihon TV announcer)

♥[2011.06.25] 050
aniki: Kawashima Eiji, Uchida Atsuto
mc: Yamasato Ryouta (Nankai Candies)

[2011.07.02] 051
aniki: Imada Koji, Miyagawa Daisuke
mc: Shimada Tamayo, Nishio Yukari announcer

[2011.07.09] 052
aniki: Kaga Takeshi
mc: Audrey
encounter the unknown: Sho x Robert Harris

♥[2011.07.16] 053
aniki: Gackt
mc: Komoto Junichi (Jicho Kacho)

[2011.07.23] 054
aniki: Tokumitsu Kazuo, Mitz Mangrove
mc: Oriental Radio

[2011.07.30] 055
aniki: Furuta Arata
mc: Goto Terumoto
encounter the unknown: Ohno x Kusumi Masayuki

[2011.08.06] 056
aniki: Takenaka Naoto
mc: Komoto Junichi (Jicho Kacho)
encounter the unknown: Aiba x Ishizuki Kotaro

[2011.08.13] 057
aniki: Kanjani8
mc: Masu Taichi (Nihon TV announcer)
guests in the box: Tanoshingo, Takahashi George

[2011.08.27] 058
aniki: Emoto Akira
mc: Ayabi Yuuji (Peace)
encounter the unknown: Jun x Ishikawa Jiro

[2011.09.03] 059
guests: Chihara Junior, Goto Terumoto (Football Hour), Ariyoshi Hiroyuki, Heisei Nobushikobushi

[2011.09.10] 060
Encounter the Unknown Special
Jun x Kobayashi Touun
Aiba x Murayama Shigenobu
Sho x Konishi Yasuharu
Nino x Kotobuki Tsukasa
Ohno x Takashi Shiroma

[2011.09.17] 061
aniki: Kishitani Goro
mc: Komoto Junichi (Jicho Kacho)

[2011.09.24] 062
Never-Before-Seen Special
mc: Bibiru Oki

[2011.10.08] 063
90-Minute Special
aniki: Matsuoka Shuzo
mc: Nakayama Hideyuki
new project: The Magnificent Ten
guests: Komoto Junichi (Jicho Kacho), Ariyoshi Hiroyuki, Wakabayashi Masayasu (Audrey), Oriental Radio
sheriff: Tsujiguchi Hironobu (Patissier)
mc: Kawamura Ryo (Nihon TV announcer)

[2011.10.15] 064 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
aniki: Kitamura Kazuki
mc: Gotō Terumoto (Football Hour)
corner guest: Kamenashi Kazuya

[2011.10.22] 065 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
aniki: Kitani Koki

[2011.10.29] 066
aniki: Namase Katsuhisa
mc: Peace

[2011.11.05] 067
aniki: Ijūin Hikaru, Yaku Mitsuru, Atsuhiko Nakata (Oriental Radio)
mc: Wakabayashi Masayasu
encounter the unknown: Ohno x Sakuraba

[2011.11.12] 068
aniki: Tanihara Shōsuke
mc: Ayabe Yuuji (Peace)

[2011.11.19] 069
aniki: Suzuki Fuku
mc: Bibiru Oki
encounter the unknown: Jun x Chef Mori Kikuo

[2011.11.26] 070 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
aniki: The Alfee
mc: Masu Taichi
encounter the unknown: Ohno x Writer Arashiyama Kozaburo

[2011.12.03] 071
The Magnificent Ten 2 Special
guests: Chihara Junior, Ayabe Yuuji, Matayoshi Naoki (Peace), Yoshimura Takashi, Tokui Kenta (Heisei Nobushikobushi)
sheriff: Kentarou (cooking expert)
mc: Kawamura Ryo (Nihon TV announcer)

[2011.12.10] 072
aniki: Kishidan
mc: Takahashi Shigeo (Savannah)

[2011.12.17] 073
Encounter the Unknown Special
Aiba x David Blanc
Sho x Kurosu Toshiyuki
Jun x Ayukawa Makoto
Nino x Izumi Asato
Ohno x Chou You

[2011.12.24] 074 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
Christmas SP - Strongest Onee-Team
guests: Matsuko Deluxe, Chris Matsumura, Haruna Ai, Mits Mangrove

[2012.01.01] 075
New Year's Day SP
Genki TV (Arashi Prank)

[2012.01.14] 076 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
aniki: Ichimura Masachika
mc: Gotō Terumoto (Football Hour)
encounter the unknown: Aiba x Sato Yuki

[2012.01.21] 077
aniki: Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi
mc: Katsumata Kunikazu
encounter the unknown: Sho x Ohne Hitori

[2012.01.28] 078
aniki: Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi
mc: Katsumata Kunikazu

[2012.02.04] 079
aniki: Eguchi Yōsuke
mc: Gotō Terumoto

[2012.02.11] 080
aniki: Iseya Yusuke
mc: Peace
encounter the unknown: Aiba x Yamamoto Masuhiro (food critic)

[2012.02.18] 081 | ♥niji_no_kakera | ♥bunnyandclover |
aniki: SAM, Papaya Suzuki, HIDEBOH
mc: Koumoto Junichi (Jochi Kacho)

[2012.02.25] 082
The Magnificent Ten 3
guests: Chihara Junior, Michael Tomioka, Takeda Nobuhiro, Yoshimura Takashi (Heisei Nobushi Kobushi), Sawabe Yuu (Haraichi)
sheriff: Cooking Expert Morino Kumahachi
mc: Kawamura Ryo (Nihon TV announcer)

[2012.03.03] 083
aniki: Tortoise Matsumoto
mc: Komoto Junichi
cornet guest: Ima Ikuyo Kuruyo, Ōkikodama Hibiki, Yamada Hanako, Chan Kawai (W Enjin)

[2012.03.10] 084
aniki: Ikuta Toma
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi

[2012.03.17] 085
The Magnificent Ten 4
guests: Tamura Ryo (London Boots #1 #2), Komoto Junichi (Jicho Kacho), Suzuki Taku (Drunk Dragon), Tsuruno Takeshi, Sasaki Kensuke
sheriff: Chef Nakamura Koumei
mc: Kawamura Ryo

[2012.03.24] 086
2-Hour Spring Special and Encounter of the Super Unknown
special guest: Ohta Hikari
encounter the unknown:
Aiba X Tanaka Takashi (noodle)
Junx Yoshiyuki Hayashi (denim designer)
Ohno x Kondo Fumio (tempura)
Sho x Watabe Ken of UNJASH (spring night view)
Nino x Matsui Kaoru (stretch)
mc: Masu Taichi (Nihon TV announcer)

[2012.04.14] 087 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
3rd Year Special: Arashi Episode That Even Arashi Don't Know
mc: Ayabe Yuuji (Peace), Yoshimura Takashi (Heisei Nobushi Kobushi)

[2012.04.21] 088
aniki: Knights, Haraichi, Punk Boo Boo
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2012.04.28] 089
aniki: Fujiki Naohito
mc: Masu Taichi
encounter the unknown: Jun x Matthew Club (Chef Director)

[2012.05.05] 090
The Magnificent Ten 5
guests: Katsumata Kunikazu, Omi Toshinori, Kimura Yūichi, Maggy Shinji, Fukuda Mitsunori (Tutorial)
sheriff: Kasahara Masahiro
young jury: Kanon Tani-chan, Kobayashi Seiran-chan, Fujimoto Kanata-kun
mc: Kawamura Ryo (Nihon TV announcer)

[2012.05.12] 091
aniki: Kitajima Kosuke

[2012.05.19] 092
aniki: Kitajima Kosuke
mc: Oriental Radio
encounter the unknown: Nino x Lenny Kravitz

[2012.05.26] 093
The Magnificent Ten 6
guests: Chihara Junior, Otomo Kohei, Takekawa Yukihide, IZAM, Diamond Yukai ✡
sheriff: Wakiya Yūji
mc: Kawamura Ryo (Nihon TV announcer)

[2012.06.02] 094 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
Encounter the Unknown Special: Mt. Takao
guests: Katsumata Kunikazu and Ariyoshi Hiroyuki

[2012.06.09] 095
aniki: Higashiyama Noriyuki
mc: Takahashi Shigeo (Savannah)

[2012.06.16] 096
aniki: Ishizuka Hidehiko, Hikomaro, Shinoyama Akinobu
mc: Bibiru Oki
encounter the unknown: Sho x Akagawa Jirō

[2012.06.23] 097
Encounter the Unknown Special
mc: Ogihayagi
Sho x Chris Peppler (frozen daikiri)
Aiba x Kikuchi Takeo (summer party fashion)
Ohno x Yamada Goro (museum)
Nino x Tei Towa (sunglasses)
Jun x Tōgi Hideki (gapao rice)

[2012.07.07] 098 | ♥bunnyandclover |
aniki: Sada Masashi
mc: Katsumata Kunikazu
24 Hr TV Marathon Progress Report

[2012.07.14] 099 | ♥bunnyandclover |
aniki: Kagawa Shinji
mc: Oriental Radio
encounter the unknown: Nino x Matsuo Masatoshi (egg custard)

[2012.07.21] 100
Arashi ni Shiyagare Award: Best 10 of Highest Audience Ratings
mc: Hatori Shin'ichi
guests: Chris Matsumura, Haruna Ai

[2012.07.28] 101 | ♥bunnyandclover | ♥albarashian |
90-Minute Special
aniki: Kanjani∞
mc: Oriental Radio

[2012.08.04] 102
aniki: Naganuma Takeshi
mc: Oriental Radio
encounter the unknown: Sho x Peter Barakan (English pub)

[2012.08.11] 103
aniki: Osugi Ren
mc: Ayabe Yuuji (Peace)

[2012.08.18] 104
aniki: Taka and Toshi, Sasaki Kensuke - Hokuto Akira Family

[2012.08.25] 105 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
24 Hour TV Live
Arashi's Top 10 Embarrassing Footage
Arashi Pranks

[2012.09.01] 106
24 Hour TV Report and Encounter the Unknown Special
Ohno x Kobayashi Kyōichi (aloha shirts)
Jun x Watanabe Toshimi (panama hat)
Nino x Baldi Virgilio (cold pasta)

[2012.09.08] 107 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
aniki: Ota Yuki, Chida Kenta, Miyake Ryo, Awaji Suguru (Japanese Olympic Fencing Team)
encounter the unknown: Jun x Milla Jovovich (martial arts)

[2012.09.29] 108
aniki: Tachi Hiroshi, Irie Ryosuke
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi

♥[2012.10.13] 109
aniki: Takahashi Hideki, Nomura Masaki
mc: Gotō Terumoto (Football Hour)

[2012.10.20] 110
aniki: Takarazuka Revue Company (Ooki Kaname, Yumi Hiro, Ozuki Toma, Asaka Manato, Hasumi Yuya, Nagina Ruumi, Nanami Hiroki)
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi

[2012.10.27] 111
aniki: Nomura Mansai
mc: Oriental Radio
encounter the unknown: Aiba x Furuta Hitoshi (chinese rice porridge)

[2012.11.03] 112 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
aniki: DaiGo
special guest: Kusano Hitoshi
mc: Suzue Nana

[2012.11.10] 113
aniki: Murao Nobutaka
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi
encounter the unknown: Ohno x Ueyama Tochi (curry udon)

[2012.11.17] 114
guests: Ijuuin Hikaru, Shimada Shuhei, Teshima Ryuuichi, Karasawa Shun'ichi

[2012.11.24] 115
aniki: Yamadera Kōichi, Mitsuya Yūji
mc: Bakarhythm
encounter the unknown: Sho x Actor Ohwada Shinya (tempura)

[2012.12.01] 116
aniki: Mogi Kenichiro
mc: Oriental Radio

[2012.12.08] 117
aniki: NTV announcers Kamishige Satoshi, Masu Taichi, Aoki Genta
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi
special guests: Ueno Yuka, Don Konishi-san
encounter the unknown: Nino x GQ japan Editor-in-Chief Suzuki Masafumi (luggage)

[2012.12.15] 118
aniki: Kanemoto Tomoaki
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi
comedian kanemoto fans: Matsumura Kunihiro, Yamada Stadium, 360° Monkeys, Jōjiman Kita, Fukushima Muneki
female kanemoto fans: 30 people

[2012.12.22] 119 | ♥mirei_22 |
90-Minute Christmas Special
aniki: KABA-chan, Chris Matsumura, Haruna Ai, Matsuko Deluxe, Mitz Mangrove

[2013.01.01] 120 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
2 and 1/2 Hour New Year Special - Matchy and Arashi Taking Challenges
aniki: Kondō Masahiko (Matchy)

[2013.01.19] 121 | ♥mirei_22 |
aniki: Nagase Tomoya
mc: Ueshige Satoshi

[2013.01.26] 122
aniki: Katsumura Masanobu
mc: Masu Taichi
encounter the unknown: Aiba x Sunny Day Service Sokabe Keiichi (udon)

[2013.02.02] 123
aniki: Mukai Osamu
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi
special guest: Koba Katsumi

[2013.02.09] 124
aniki: Nakayama Masashi
corner guest: Takeda Nobuhiro
mc: Audrey

[2013.02.16] 125
aniki: 70th Sumo Champion Harumafuji Kōhei
mc: Hakata Hanamaru-Daikichi
encounter the unknown: Jun x Patissier Yanagi Tadashi (mont blanc)

[2013.02.23] 126
aniki: Sekine Tsutomu

[2013.03.02] 127
aniki: Oizumi Yo
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.03.09] 128
Dandyism Consultation Office
godparents: Nakao Akira, Kikuchi Takeo, Ishikawa Jiro, Suzuki Masafumi
encounter the unknwon:
Jun x Koganezawa Shoji
Aiba x Miyamoto Amon
Ohno x Yoshida Rui
Sho x Kikuchi Naruyoshi
Nino x Mr. Maric

[2013.03.16] 129
aniki: Sugi-chan
corner guests: Kōme Dayū, Joiman, Dandy Sakano, Tetsu and Tomo, Dekkachan, Hata Youku, Puppet Muppet, Moody Katsuyama, Regular
mc: Sugaya Daisuke, Suzue Nana

[2013.03.23] 130 | ♥mirei_22 |
90-Minute Spring Special
Arashi 3 Years' Biggest Catastrophe
aniki: Uchimura Teruyoshi
mc: Amano Hiroyuki (Kyai~n)

[2013.04.13] 131
aniki: Matsuda Ryuhei
mc: Masu Taichi

[2013.04.20] 132
aniki: Okada Junichi

[2013.04.27] 133 | ♥bunnyandclover |
aniki: Golden Bomber
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi
encounter the unknown: Sho x Suzuki Haruo (chino pants)

[2013.05.04] 134 | ♥niji_no_kakera |
aniki: Takeuchi Riki
mc: Katsumata Kunikazu
tokyo good shop-tedious shop (new segment): Ohno, Nino
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.05.11] 135
24 Hour TV Runner Announcement
guests: Devi Fujin, Suzuki Nana, LiLiCo, Itou Asako, SHELLY, Ooshima (Morisanchuu), IKKO
mc: Kawamura Ryo

[2013.05.18] 136
aniki: IKKO
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi

[2013.05.25] 137
aniki: Ishida Junichi
tokyo good but tedious shop: Aiba, Sho
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.06.01] 138
aniki: Nakamura Hashinosuke
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi
tokyo good but tedious shop: Jun, Nino
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.06.08] 139
aniki: Sugimura Taizou
mc: Wakabayashi Masayasu (Audrey)
tokyo good but tedious shop: Nino, Ohno
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)
encounter the unknown: Jun x Sasai Eisuke (hotel)

[2013.06.15] 140
aniki: Himura Yuki (Bananaman)
mc: Yoshimura Takashi (Heisei Nobushi Kobushi)
tokyo good but tedious shop: Nino, Jun (sushi)
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.06.29] 141
aniki: Himura Yuki (Bananaman)
mc: Yoshimura Takashi (Heisei Nobushi Kobushi)
Arashi Performance Analysis
analysts: Bakarhythm, Hakata Hanamaru-Daikichi, Takahashi Shigeo (Savanna), COWCOW, Kojima (UNJASH)

[2013.07.13] 142
aniki: Katsura Bunshi
mc: Goto Terumoto (Football Hour)
special guests: Maeda Ken (Slim Club) and his wife, Dekkachan and his wife, AniShi director and his wife
tokyo good but tedious shop: Aiba, Jun
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.07.20] 143 | super5soul ( ♥cut ) |
aniki: Uchida Atsuto
mc: Katsumata Kunikazu
encounter the unknown: Nino x Danjo Keita (spanish bar owner)

[2013.07.27] 144
aniki: Kishi Hiroyuki
mc: Bakarhythm
good but tedious tokyo shop: Aiba, Jun
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.08.03] 145 | super5soul ( ♥cut ) |
Good But Tedious Tokyo Shop Special
guests: Takeuchi Riki (sushi) , Hikomaro (soba) , Nakayama Hideyuki (yakiniku), Akebono Tarō (steak)

[2013.08.10] 146
aniki: Itao Itsuji
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi
good but tedious tokyo shop: Ohno, Jun (Indian curry)
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)
encounter the unknown: Nino x Rainbow Pancake chef Iwaki Masaru

[2013.08.17] 147 | ♥onaji_sora |
One Week Before 24 hr TV Telethon Special
aniki: Kaname Jun, Moriyama Naotarō, Morisanchuu
mc: Heisei Nobushi Kobushi, Masu Taichi

[2013.08.24] 149
24 Hour TV Live

[2013.08.31] 150
24 Hour TV Arashi Clips

[2013.09.07] 151
New Format Announcement - Female Guests
aniki: Takashima Masahiro
mc: Takahashi Shigeo (Savannah)
slipped aniki: Ebisu Yoshikazu, Irie Shinya (Karateka), Yuutaro, Nishikino Akira
good but tedious tokyo shop: Ohno, Jun
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

♥[2013.09.14] 152
Location Shoot or Arashi General Election
guest: Cream Stew

[2013.09.21] 153 | ♥onaji_sora |
guest: Ueno Juri

[2013.10.12] 154
guests: Tamaki Koji, Aota Noriko

[2013.10.19] 155
guest: Matsushita Nao
good but tedious tokyo shop: Ohno, Sho
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.10.26] 156 | ♥super5soul ( 1 2 ) |
guest: Imai Miki
good but tedious tokyo shop: Nino, Aiba
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.11.02] 157 | super5soul ( ♥cut ) |
guest: Fukada Kyoko
Best Wedding Ceremony Rituals Compilation
good but tedious tokyo shop: Ohno, Sho
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.11.09] 158
guest: Katsumi Takahashi
good but tedious tokyo shop: Aiba, Jun
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.11.16] 159 | super5soul ( ♥cut ) |
guest: Maya Miki
special guest: The Touch
good but tedious tokyo shop: Nino, Sho
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH), Kurosawa Kazuko (Morisanchuu)

[2013.11.23] 160 | super5soul ( ♥cut ) |
guest: Tamaki Hiroshi
good but tedious tokyo shop: Nino, Sho
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH), Suzuki Nana

[2013.11.30] 161
guest: Shirai Kenzo
good but tedious tokyo shop: Jun, Ohno
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH), Tomochika

[2013.12.07] 162
guest: Kimura Tae
good but tedious tokyo shop: Aiba, Nino
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH)

[2013.12.14] 163
guest: Yakushimaru Hiroko
corner guest: Hayashiya Kikuou, Yamashita Shinji, Shimoyanagi Tsuyoshi
good but tedious tokyo shop: Jun, Ohno
mc: Watabe Ken (UNJASH), Murakami Tomoko (Morisanchuu), Ooshima Miyuki (Morisanchuu)

[2013.12.21] 164 | ♥onaji_sora |
90-minute Special
guest: Haruma Miura, Tanaka Rie

[2014.01.01] 165
New Year Special
special guest: Miura Kazuyoshi

[2014.01.11] 166
New Year's Day Overtime Special

[2014.01.18] 167
guest: Matsu Takako

[2014.01.25] 168
guest: Arakawa Shizuka
good but tedious tokyo shop: Nino, Sho
mc: Hakata Daikichi (Hakata Hanamaru Daikichi)

[2014.02.01] 169
Good But Tedious Shop Special
guest: Sakagami Shinobu, Hirmo, Owada Shinya, Kojima Kazuya (UNJASH)
mc: Masu Taichi (Nihon TV announcer)

VS Arashi Episode Guide

Hello to all of you VS Arashi lovers~ This guide is just an updated version of the ones in and The pages have not been updated recently though so I added the latest eps. I have double checked each episode in VS Arashi Official website to make sure I got the correct dates and guests' name.

♥ - subbed but no permission from subber to post their entries here. You can ask me the name of the subber but no links will be provided.
✪ - new links/update
*Let us all respect the subbers and subbing communities' rules. After all we're leechers and lurkers here so that's the least we can do, right?

You can follow me on twitter (@jamoimoi) for updates. Enjoy~

[2008.04.12] 001 vs Kokoriko | arashi_yuuki |
[2008.04.19] 002 vs Azuma Takahiro, Yamamoto Mona and Osawa Akane
[2008.04.26] 003 vs Nadagi Takeshi and Tomochika | arashi_yuuki |
[2008.05.03] 004 vs Shinagawa Shouji | arashi_yuuki |
[2008.05.10] 005 vs Yamada Yuu and Takizawa Saori
[2008.05.17] 006 vs Nankai Candies | ai_nino |
[2008.05.24] 007 vs Drunk Dragon
[2008.05.31] 008 vs Mitani Kouki and Takada Junji
[2008.06.06] 009 vs Arashi Introspection SP
[2008.06.14] 010 vs Ungirls
♥[2008.06.21] 011 vs Ishihara Yoshizumi and Hoshino Aki
[2008.06.28] 012 vs Miyagawa Daisuke, Koumoto Junichi and Hosshan | arashi_yuuki |
[2008.07.05] 013 vs Takeyama Takanori and Yanagihara Kanako
[2008.07.12] 014 vs Motoki Daisuke and Miyazaki Daisuke
♥[2008.07.19] 015 vs Satoda Mai and Yasuda Misako
[2008.07.26] 016 vs Murakami Shoji, Takashima Aya and Nakano Minako
[2008.08.02] 017 vs Yanagisawa Shingo and Sato Tamao | jaidi6 |
♥[2008.08.09] 018 vs Perfume
[2008.08.16] 019 vs Furuta Atsuya and Kisa Ayako
♥[2008.08.30] 020 vs Bobby Ologun and Musashi
[2008.09.06] 021 vs Mizuno Yuko and Kumada Yoko | arashi_yuuki |
[2008.09.13] 022 vs Katsumata Kunikazu and Inoue Waka | arashi_yuuki |
[2008.09.20] 023 vs Asakusa Kid and Choi Hong Man
[2008.09.27] 024 Preview SP #1
[2008.10.01] SP #1 (Saikyou Ouja Ketteisen)
[2008.10.04] 025 Super Digest For SP #1
[2008.10.11] 026 vs Kendo Kobayashi and Ota Yuki | projectpaprika |
[2008.10.18] 027 vs Atsushi, Shaku Yumiko and Tsurumi Shingo | arashi_yuuki |
♥[2008.10.25] 028 vs Ito Gekidan Hitori and Tsubaki Ayana
♥[2008.11.01] 029 vs Tsuchida Teruyuki and Yuuki Maomi
♥[2008.11.08] 030 vs Morisanchuu
♥[2008.11.15] 031 vs Misono Koda and Masuda Okada
♥[2008.11.22] 032 vs Bananaman
[2008.11.29] 033 vs Tegoshi Yuya and Miyasako Hiroyuki
[2008.12.06] 034 vs Sasaki Kensuke and Hokuto Akira
[2008.12.13] 035 vs TKO | projectpaprika |
[2008.12.20] 036 vs Chihara Jr. and Minami Akina
♥[2008.12.27] 037 vs Football Hour and Megumi Yasu
[2009.01.03] 038 Preview SP #2
♥[2009.01.10] SP #2
[2009.01.17] 039 Strongest Playoff King! Victory Celebration SP
[2009.01.24] 040 vs Audrey
[2009.01.31] 041 vs Panzetta Girolamo and Takeda Nobuhiro
[2009.02.07] 042 vs Takahashi Katsumi and Yajima Norito
[2009.02.14] 043 vs Moromizato Shinobu and Ueda Momoko
♥[2009.02.21] 044 vs Moromizato Shinobu and Ueda Momoko (Golf SP)
[2009.02.28] 045 vs Degawa Tetsuro and Edo Harumi
♥[2009.03.07] 046 vs Namase Katsuhisa, Fukada Kyoko and Kendo Kobayashi (Doronbo Team)
♥[2009.03.14] 047 vs Becky and Katsumata Kunikazu
[2009.03.21] 048 vs Narimiya Hiroki and Shinagawa Hiroshi
♥[2009.03.28] 049 vs Haruna Ai and Jinnai Tomonori
[2009.04.04] 050 SP #3 Preview
♥[2009.04.10] SP #3 (Saikyou Ouja Ketteisen)
[2009.04.11] 051 Special Digest of SP #3
[2009.04.18] 052 vs Fujiwara
[2009.04.25] 053 vs Nishikawa Ayako and Hige Danshaku
[2009.05.02] 054 vs NON STYLE
[2009.05.09] 055 vs Zabunguru and Uehara Miyu
[2009.05.16] 056 vs Knights
♥[2009.05.23] 057 vs Yamamoto Taro and Kanda Uno
[2009.05.30] 058 vs Harisenbon
[2009.06.06] 059 vs Black Mayonnaise | arashinorakuen |
[2009.06.13] 060 vs Fall In Love and Joyman
[2009.06.20] 061 vs Himura Yuki of Bananaman and Takeyama Takanori of Cunning Takeyama
[2009.06.27] 062 vs Ikuta Toma, Matsumoto Jun and Kato Ai
[2009.07.04] 063 vs Gackt and Miyazaki Daisuke | dyan25 |
♥[2009.07.11] 064 vs Takashi Fujii, Tomochika and Nakamura Hitomi Ana
[2009.07.18] 065 vs Iketani Yukio and Yoneda Isao | dekkawai |
[2009.07.25] 066 BBQ Arashi with Shinagawa Shouji and Mari Yaguchi
[2009.07.26] vs Hexagon Family (FNS 26 Hour TV SP)
♥[2009.08.01] 067 FNS 26 Hour TV Behind the Scenes SP
[2009.08.08] 068 vs Takenaka Naoto and Sawamura Ikki
♥[2009.08.15] 069 vs Chinen Yuuri, Ryosuke Yamada, Kawai Shunichi and Ohbayashi Motoko
[2009.08.22] 070 vs Yoshikawa Hinano and Hotohara Toru
♥[2009.08.29] 071 vs Dachou Club
[2009.09.05] 072 vs Garage Sale
[2009.09.12] 073 vs Kikukawa Rei and Kitagawa Hiromi
♥[2009.09.19] Ohno Satoshi Reports History of VS Arashi SP
♥[2009.10.22] vs Tokyo Dogs Team and Tokyo Theater Team (Golden 2 Hour SP)
[2009.10.29] 074 + Shimura Ken vs Mid-Level Comedian Team | cool1412 |
[2009.11.05] 075 + Haruna Ai vs Ex-baseball Players | cool1412 |
[2009.11.12] 076 + Audrey vs Sazae Team
[2009.11.19] 077 + Hisamoto Masami vs Sports Commentator Team
[2009.11.26] 078 + Gackt vs Female Comedians | dyan25 |
[2009.12.03] 079 + Ebihara Yuri vs Hori Pro Team | jaidi6 |
[2009.12.10] 080 + Sekine Tsutomu vs "Real Clothes" Team
[2009.12.17] 081 + Kuroki Meisa vs Fuji TV Announcers
[2010.01.21] 082 vs Code Blue Team vs Neptune Team
♥[2010.01.28] 083 + Bando Eiji vs "Kazura" Team
[2010.02.04] 084 + Junji Takada vs "Massugu na Otoko" Team
♥[2010.02.18] 085 + Hiroyuki Ariyoshi vs Nakanai to Kimeta Hi Team
[2010.02.25] 086 + Takanori Takeyama of Cunning Takeyama vs Takarazuka OG Team
[2010.03.04] 087 + Keisuke Okada vs Athlete Team
♥[2010.03.11] 088 + Iijima Naoko vs Ohta Production Team
[2010.04.08] 089 vs Wagaya no Rekishi Team vs "Yajima Beauty Salon" (3 Hour SP)
[2010.04.15] 090 + Shibata Rie and Ogura Tomoaki vs SPEED & FTV Okinawa Team
[2010.04.22] 091 + Kyai~n vs "Team Batista 2" Team
[2010.05.06] 092 vs Figure Skating Team
[2010.05.13] 093 + Aya Ueto vs Koji Imada Team
[2010.05.20] 094 + Koike Eiko vs Matsgi Japan Team
[2010.05.27] 095 + Kikukawa Rei vs Shimura Ken Team
[2010.06.03] 096 + Marie vs Muscle Team | cool1412 |
[2010.06.10] 097 + Yamazaki Housei vs Butai Ohoku Team
[2010.06.17] 098 + Yashima Norito vs Zettai Reido Team
[2010.06.24] 099 + YOU vs Yoshimoto Japan Team | xmorfis in d-addicts | maimailove13 |
[2010.07.01] 100 + Ishihara Satomi vs IKKO Team | mirei-22 |
[2010.07.08] 101 + Harisenbon vs "Joker" Team
[2010.07.15] 102 + Ogura Tomoaki vs "Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku Team" and Matsujun | xmorfis in d-addicts | irnsnchz |
[2010.07.22] 103 + Bananaman vs Onii-san & Onee-san Team | arashinorakuen | irnsnchz |
[2010.07.25] vs Hexagon Family (FNS 26 Hour TV)
♥[2010.07.29] 104 + Nishiyama Maki vs Boxing Champion Team
♥[2010.08.05] 105 + Kendo Kobayashi vs "Sazae-san 2" Team
♥[2010.08.12] 106 + Izumi Pinko vs United States of Odaiba Angels Team
♥[2010.08.19] 107 + Ito Terry vs "Neck" Team
[2010.08.26] 108 + Mochida Kaori vs Jun Team | arashinorakuen | xmorfis in d-addicts |
[2010.09.02] 109 + FUJIWARA vs Judo Team
[2010.09.09] 110 + Takashima Reiko vs "Kurosawa" Team
[2010.09.16] 111 + Ayanokoji Sho vs Umizaru Team
[2010.10.14] 112 vs Honmadekka TV Team vs Perfect Report Team and Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz (2 Hour SP)
♥[2010.10.21] 113 + Ungirls vs Freeter, Buys a House Team and Nino | xmorfis in d-addicts |
♥[2010.10.28] 114 + Masato vs 2nd Generation Team
[2010.11.04] 115 + Funakoshi Eiichiro vs International Team
[2010.11.11] 116 + Ichimura Masachika vs "Good-bye My Dear President" Team
[2010.11.18] 117 + Kuriyama Chiaki vs Glasses Talent Team | xmorfis in d-addicts | tomapiya |
[2010.11.25] 118 + Ogura Yuko vs "Gokigenyoo" Team
[2010.12.02] 119 + Aikawa Sho vs Intelligent Team | xmorfis in d-addicts | tomapiya |
[2010.12.09] 120 + Takahashi Katsumi vs Saitama Team
♥[2010.12.16] 121 + Yohei Ohtomo vs Beautiful Athlete Team
[2010.12.23] 122 + Impulse vs "Sazae-san 3" Team
♥[2011.01.03] 123 vs Hexagon Team and Control Team (New Year SP)
[2011.01.20] 124 + Chihara Brothers vs "School!" Team | xmorfis in d-addicts | tomapiya | irnsnchz |
[2011.01.27] 125 + Mori Izumi vs Rabbit Year Team | arashinorakuen | jankensuru |
[2011.02.03] 126 + Savannah vs "Gene Waltz" Team
[2011.02.10] 127 + Rotch vs Chiba Lotte Marines Team
[2011.02.17] 128 + Hamada Tatsuomi vs Papa-Mama Team | jankensuru |
♥[2011.03.03] 129 + Football Hour vs “It Was You Who Taught Me All What Was Important” Team
[2011.03.10] 130 + Furuta Atsuya vs "Manzai Gang" Team | jankensuru |
[2011.03.17] 131 + Tsuchiya Anna vs Fukuoka Team | jankensuru |
[2011.04.07] 132 + Yoshitaka Yuriko, Ayanokoji Sho and Ooshima Miyuki vs Tunnels Team | niji_no_kakera |
[2011.04.21] 133 + Oashizu vs "Goddess Lost Her Name" Team | niji_no_karera |
♥[2011.04.28] 134 + Kantaro and Shichinosuke Nakamura vs Giants Fans Team
[2011.05.05] 135 + Oguri Shun vs "Kooza" Team | arashi_zenshin |
♥[2011.05.12] 136 + WARAIMESHI vs "Girls' Compass" Team
[2011.05.19] 137 + Nakamura Shido vs Hideyuki Nakayama Team
[2011.05.26] 138 + Haruna Ai vs "Paradise Kiss" Team | arashinorakuen |
[2011.06.02] 139 + Nankai Candies vs Charismatic Housewife Model Team
[2011.06.09] 140 + YonA vs Impression Team | arashinorakuen |
[2011.06.16] 141 + Eikura Nana vs Chubby Team
[2011.06.23] 142 + Tanoshingo vs Female Athletes Team
[2011.06.30] 143 + Higashiyama Noriyuki vs Hanshin Fans Team
[2011.07.07] 144 + Becky vs Imada Team | jankensuru |
[2011.07.14] 145 + Hideyuki Nakayama vs "Absolute 0 Degree" Team | jankensuru |
♥[2011.07.21] 146 + Garage Sale vs "Nintama Rantaro" Team
[2011.07.28] 147 + Suzanne vs "Batista 3" Team
[2011.08.04] 148 + Drunk Dragon vs "Zenkai Girl" Team
[2011.08.11] 149 + Rola vs Many Children Parent Team | jankensuru |
♥[2011.08.25] 150 + Kaga Mariko vs ABC! Team
[2011.09.01] 151 + Shoko Nakagawa vs Yoshimoto Comedian Team | jankensuru |
♥[2011.09.08] 152 + UN JASH vs "Ohoku" Team
♥[2011.09.15] 153 + Robert vs Artistic Gymnastics Team
[2011.10.20] 154 + Mitz Mangrove vs Kid Actors | jankensuru |
[2011.10.27] 155 + Bananaman vs Female World Cup Japan Representative Volleyball Team
[2011.11.03] 156 + Kyaiin vs "Hunter" Team
[2011.11.10] 157 + Koda Kumi and Kurosawa Kazuko vs Sho and "Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de" Team | jankensuru |
♥[2011.12.01] 158 + Cunning Takeyama and Kojima Yoshio vs Ohno and "Kaibutsu-kun" Team
[2011.12.08] 159 vs Tohoku Team | cool1412 |
[2012.01.03] 160 + Bananaman, Gackt and Shinjo Takeshi vs Lucky Seven vs Nadeshiko Japan Team (New Year SP)
[2012.01.19] 161 + Black Mayonnaise vs Dragon Year Team | arashinorakuen |
[2012.01.26] 162 + Ogihayagi vs Female Pro-Golfer Team | jankensuru |
♥[2012.02.02] 163 + Garage Sale vs "The Day I'm Called Hayami-san" Team
[2012.02.09] 164 + Uehara Koji vs Newly-weds Team | jankensuru |
[2012.02.16] 165 + Namase Katsuhisa vs 2nd Generation Team | jankensuru |
[2012.02.23] 166 + AI vs Megumi Team | jagerclaire | eman-2012 | jankensuru |
[2012.03.01] 167 + Knights vs Mama Team | jankensuru |
[2012.03.08] 168 Most Most Dame Arashi | mirei-22 | streaming: soulsubs |
[2012.03.29] 169 + Sakai Masaaki and Ikuta Toma vs Kikanaito F Team (2 Hour SP) | niji_no_kakera |
[2012.04.12] 170 + Kanjiya Shihori vs "Shiritagari" Team | double_parkas |
[2012.04.19] 171 + Tomochika and Tomoko Murakami of Morisanchuu vs Beautiful Newscaster Team
[2012.04.26] 172 + Kanou Eikou and Yanagihara vs "Space Brothers" Team
[2012.05.03] 173 + Naoto Inti Raymi vs "Nijiiro Jean" Team
[2012.05.10] 174 + Slim Club vs All-Japan Women’s Volleyball Team
[2012.05.17] 175 + Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Bobby Ologun vs Athlete Team | niji_no_kakera |
[2012.05.24] 176 + Tani Kanon and Kobayashi Seiran vs TEAM NACS | mirei-22 | streaming: soulsubs |
[2012.05.31] 177 + Sugimoto Aya vs Momoiro Clover Z Team | bunnyandclover | niji_no_kakera |
[2012.06.07] 178 + Azuma Mikihisa vs Katakana Team
[2012.06.14] 179 + Imada Kouji vs Fushigi Team
[2012.06.21] 180 + Sakamoto Masayuki (V6) vs Production Jinrikisha Team
[2012.06.28] 181 + Sandwichman vs "Future Journal" Team | bunnyandclover |
[2012.07.05] 182 + Degawa Tetsuro and Yamasaki Hosei vs "Rich Man Poor Woman" Team | arashinorakuen | bunnyandclover |
[2012.07.12] 183 + COWCOW vs "Umizaru" Team | arashinorakuen |
[2012.07.19] 184 + Impulse vs Married Couple Team | arashinorakuen |
[2012.07.26] 185 + Takahashi Katsumi vs Fuji TV Announcers Corp Team
[2012.08.02] 186 + Nankai Candies vs Charismatic Housewife Model Team
[2012.08.09] 187 + Shizuru vs "Oo-Edo Chou 808" Team
[2012.08.16] 188 + Takei Emi vs Fukuoka Team | bunnyandclover | albarashian |
[2012.08.23] 189 Rolling Coin Tower Junior High School National Championship
[2012.09.06] 190 + Football Hour vs Olympic Swimming Medalist Team | bunnyandclover |
[2012.09.13] 191 + Mochida Kaori vs Ooshima Japan | bunnyandclover |
[2012.10.18] 192 Bet de Arashi | niji_no_kakera |
[2012.10.25] 193 + Fujiwara vs Child Actors Team | arashinorakuen |
[2012.11.01] 194 + Harisenbon vs "Nobou no Shiro" Team
[2012.11.08] 195 + Ishihara Satomi vs Chiba Team | bunnyandclover |
[2012.11.22] 196 + Black Mayonnaise vs "Osozaki no Himawari" Team | mirei-22 |
[2012.11.29] 197 + Rotch vs Fukuzawa Akira Team
[2012.12.06] 198 + Fukada Kyoko vs Former Baseball Club Team
[2012.12.13] 199 + Yoshida Saori vs Okayama Team
[2013.01.03] 200 vs Hakama Team and Bet de Arashi (3 Hour SP) | arashinorakuen |
♥[2013.01.17] 201 + Black Mayonnaise vs Yomiuri Giants Team
[2013.01.24] 202 + TKO vs Aiba and "Last Hope" Team | mirei-22 |
♥[2013.01.31] 203 + Drunk Dragon vs Urawa Reds Team
[2013.02.07] 204 + Haraichi vs "Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou" Team | arashinorakuen | bunnyandclover |
[2013.02.14] 205 + Slim Club vs Takarazuka OG Team
[2013.02.21] 206 + Peace vs Athlete-Talent Team
[2013.02.28] 207 + Hideyuki Nakayama vs International Team
[2013.03.07] 208 Most Most Dame Arashi | mirei-22 |
[2013.04.04] 209 Spring Festival SP and Bet de Arashi | niji_no_kakera |
[2013.04.18] 210 + Himura of Bananaman and Bakarhythm vs "Kazoku Game" Team and Sho | niji_no_kakera |
[2013.04.25] 211 + Morisanchuu vs "Library Wars" Team | mirei-22 | streaming: soulsubs |
[2013.05.02] 212 + Sandwich Man vs "Ikkyu-san 2" Team
[2013.05.09] 213 + Otake Shinobu vs Team Kintaro | niji_no_kakera |
[2013.05.16] 214 + Kamenashi Kazuya vs AB Blood Type Team | bunnyandclover | arashinorakuen |
[2013.05.23] 215 + Black Mayonnaise vs "Gokudo no Tsumatachi Neo" Movie Team
[2013.05.30] 216 + Sawabe Yuu and Yoshitaka Yuriko vs Ibaraki Team | bunnyandclover |
[2013.06.06] 217 + Oashizu vs Beautiful Caster Team
[2013.06.13] 218 + Ogiyahagi vs Yokohama F Marinos Team
[2013.06.20] 219 + Sakamoto Masayuki (V6) vs Maseki Geinosha Team | mirei-22 | streaming: soulsubs |
[2013.07.11] 220 + Impulse vs "Starman" Team
[2013.07.18] 221 + Kazama Shunsuke vs Team Shizuoka
[2013.08.01] 222 + Imada Kouji and Kendo Kobayashi vs "Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de Movie" Team and Sho | mirei-22 | streaming: soulsubs | super5soul (Opening and 10-Second Challenge Cut) |
[2013.08.08] 223 + Jinnai Tomonori and Tomochika vs Fuji TV Announcers Team
[2013.08.15] 224 Bet de Arashi | mirei-22 | soulsubs |
[2013.08.22] 225 + Bibiru Oki and Kikuchi Ami vs Japan’s National Women’s Volleyball Team
[2013.09.05] 226 + Matsuki Yasutaro vs "Gatchaman" Team
[2013.09.12] 227 + Slim Club vs "Shomuni 2013" Team
[2013.09.19] 228 + Heisei Nobushi Kobushi vs "Natakirimaru" Team
[2013.09.26] 229 + Tutorial vs Gymnastics Men's Team
[2013.10.10] 230 + Haraichi vs "Hidamari no Kanojo" Team | attackon_arashi |
[2013.10.17] 231 + Tamura Ryo of London Boots vs "Umi no Ue no Shinryojo" Team | super5soul (Bank Bowling - OhBa Cut) |
[2013.10.24] 232 + Miyake Ken vs International Team | mirei_22 |
[2013.10.31] 233 + Dan Mitsu vs Yoshimoto Around 40 Team
[2013.11.07] 234 + Harisenbon vs Athlete Team | attackon_arashi |
[2013.11.14] 235 + Rola vs Fukuoka Team
[2013.11.21] 236 + Naotaro Moriyama vs Junior Talent Team
[2013.11.28] 237 + Kazuya Kojima of UNJASH vs "Sazae-san" Team | renchan27 |
[2013.12.05] 238 + Yuri Chinen vs Team Gunma | bunnyandclover | projectpaprika |
[2013.12.12] 239 + NONSTYLE vs "Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru" Team
[2013.12.19] 240 + Okada Junichi of V6 vs INAC Kobe Leonessa Football Team | mirei_22 |
[2014.01.03] 241 + Miyake Ken and Koji Uehara vs Rakuten Baseball Team vs Rola Team and Babanuki (New Year SP)
[2014.01.09] 242 + Ungirls vs "Shitsuren Chocolatier" Team | bunnyandclover |
[2014.01.16] 243 + Viking vs "Batista 4" Team
[2014.01.23] 244 + TKO vs "Boku no Ita Jikan" Team | super5soul (Opening Cut) |
[2014.01.30] 245 + Chidori vs Yomiuri Giants Team
[2014.02.06] 246 + Nakagawa-ke vs Urawa Reds Team
[2014.02.13] 247 + Jinnai Tomonori and Kendo Kobayashi vs "Mogura no Uta" Team
[2014.02.20] 248 + Every Little Thing vs Former Baseball Club Team
[2014.02.27] 249 + KazaPon vs Takarazuka Team | mirei_22 |
[2014.03.06] 250 + Nakada Nobuhiko vs "Idai Nara, Shurarabon" Team | niji_no_kakera |
[2014.03.13] 251 + Miyazaki Aoi vs Team Aichi | super5soul (Arashi-Aoi Cuts) |
[2014.04.03] 252 Most Most Dame Arashi | mirei_22 |
[2014.04.10] 253 + Nankai Candies vs "L♥DK" Team
[2014.04.17] 254 + Miki Ando vs Miyagi Team
[2014.04.24] 255 + Nanao vs Atsushi Gundan Team
[2014.05.01] 256 + Haraichi vs Thermae Romae 2 Team
[2014.05.08] 257 Bet De Arashi | niji_no_kakera |
[2014.05.15] 258 + Bakarhythm and Kikuchi Ami vs Momoiro Clover Z Team
[2014.05.22] 259 + Sawamura Ikki vs Team Kyoto
[2014.05.29] 260 + Woman Rush Hour vs Beautiful Caster Team | shitanuri_team |
[2014.06.05] 261 + Nahomi Matsushima vs Former Japan Representative Football Team | shitanuri_team |
[2014.06.12] 262 + Koga Miho vs Zach Japan Supporter Team | shitanuri_team |
[2014.06.19] 263 + Harisenbon vs "Chokousoku! Sankin Kotai" Team | shitanuri_team |
[2014.07.03] 264 + Imada Kouji vs Chubby Team
[2014.07.10] 265 + Hiromi-san vs Kanjani8 | menimienaimono | + Baba Nuki
[2014.07.17] 266 + Cunning Takeyama and Kojima Yoshio vs "Suikyuu Yankees" Team | double_parkas | menimienaimono |
[2014.07.24] 267 + Yanagisawa Shingo vs Hiroshima Team | menimienaimono |
[2014.07.31] 268 + UNJASH's Kojima Kazuya and Watanabe Yoichi vs "Rurouni Kenshin" Team | menimienaimono |
✪[2014.08.07] 269 + Drunk Dragon vs "Hot Road" Team | menimienaimono |
[2014.08.14] 270 + Hakata Hanamaru-Daikichi vs Japan Women's Volleyball Team
[2014.08.28] 271 + Tutorial vs "Hottokenai Majo Tachi" Team
[2014.09.04] 272 + Bibiru Oki and Gekidan Hitori vs "Asunaro San San Nana Byoushi" Team
[2014.09.11] 273 + Marcus Tulio Tanaka vs Team Kanagawa
[2014.09.18] 274 vs International Team
[2014.09.25] 275 vs "Marumo no Okite" Team
[2014.10.09] 276 + NONSTYLE vs Medalist Team
[2014.10.16] 277 + Masuda Okada vs "Disconcerto" Team

Big Bang's T.O.P.'s The Commitment/Alumni Trailer

Finally! After 48 years of waiting in vain, this movie is coming out in theaters this November. No date was set yet but the trailer was out.

Just watching the trailer makes me more excited with the movie.TOP's acting really improved so much. Though his role is still someone who is handling guns and all. But that crying scene on the trailer! I can't say anything about it! It's just so perfect. And I really like the young actress who acts as her younger sister in the movie ever since Moon Embracing the Sun days. As expected, they have good chemistry as brothers and sisters.

I wish this movie would hit the theaters here in the Philippines. I think the plot is really great.

Here's the plot I got from Wikipedia:

Before coming to South Korea, nineteen-year-old Myung-hoon (Choi Seung-hyun/T.O.P.) never imagined he would become a killer. Myung-hoon was born with a silver spoon in his mouth in the North and his dream was to become a pianist. But when his father died after being wrongfully accused, his aspirations were shattered into pieces. Myung-hoon comes to South Korea and becomes a killer on the condition that his sister will be safe. When he receives an order, he has to kill the person, no questions asked. The only friend of this high school killer is Hye-in (Han Ye-ri), a victim of bullying who has the same name as his sister. Myung-hoon has nowhere to go and no one to turn to and gradually opens his heart to Hye-in. As they become friends, Myung-hoon and Hye-in grow to understand each other and are not afraid to sacrifice themselves for one another. The film is about third generation Koreans since the division of the peninsula and the Korean War, historical events that the two characters did not directly experience that nevertheless change their lives and destinies.

Here, check it out!

Who else is excited for this movie? And who else cried after watching this trailer?

Big Bang VS Arashi

Okay, before you guys misinterpret the title, let me just say one thing. I'm a BIG Arashi and Big Bang fan. And I wouldn't be the first one to ask them to fight against each other. No bashing please.

So why the title? Well, recently there were news that Arashi will release their new album "Love" in October. In addition, Big Bang is reportedly releasing a single this late October or early November. According to the sources, Big Bang will be promoting both in Korea and Japan.

With that, Arashi and Big Bang might go head-to-head in Oricon charts in Japan. But of course, no doubt Arashi will take the 1st spot. Not that I doubt Big Bang's popularity in Japan. It's just that we're talking about Arashi here for God's sake. They have 1.5 million members in their official fanclub. How do you expect to beat that? Hehe.

But what I'm thinking is that if Big Bang will promote in Japan then that means they might be in the same music shows with Arashi. And because I love both groups, I have been waiting for that day when I can see both of them in one show. Moreover, Arashi has regular shows in Japan. Don't you just love to see our five Korean boys battling with Arashi in VS Arashi? Or sharing a lot of Korean stuff to our five Japanese boys in Arashi ni Shiyagare? I think an episode like that would be very epic!

I know it's gonna be a showdown by two idols but somehow I think Big Bang have really a lot to learn from Arashi. After all they were in the industry much longer than Big Bang. Maybe they can show Big Bang how to capture most of the Japanese fans. Hehehe.

Anyway, this is just my wishful thinking. Arashi - Big Bang collaboration in one show would be fantastic baby! Crossing my fingers up to the time when this will happen. :)

[MP4] 2NE1 Music Videos

Artist: 2NE1
Resolution: 640x360
File-sharing site: Mediafire
*click the photo to download


Fire Street Version

Fire Space Version
fire space

I Don't Care
i don't care


You and I
you and i

Try To Follow Me
try to follow me

Clap Your Hands
clap your hands

Go Away
go away

Can't Nobody
can't nobody

It Hurts
it hurts

Don't Stop The Music
don't stop the musi

Can't Nobody (English Version)
can't nobody english

Don't Cry
don't cry


I Am the Best
i am the best

I Am the Best (Japanese Version)
i am the best jap

Hate You
hate you


Hate You (Japanese Version)
hate you

Ugly (Japanese Version)

Lonely (Japanese Version)

Go Away (Japanese Version)
go away


Be Mine
be mine

I Love You
i love you

I Love You (Japanese Version)
i love you

The Baddest Female
baddest female

Falling In Love
falling in love

Do You Love Me
do you love me

YG Win Episode List and MP4

The YG stan in me is again here supporting our Big Bang-oppa and 2NE1-unnie hoobaes. YG started WIN (Who Is Next?) which will determine the new boy group to debut next. Two teams are competing against each other and the winner will be determined by online votes - no manipulation and the likes.

So far four episodes have been aired and I'm sure a lot of you now has a team you support. Well, a few are like me I guess - confused of what team to root for.

This battle is getting pretty interesting as next week's episode, Ep 5, the sunbaes (GD and YB) are going to battle against each other. And I will be able to see TOP next week! Yay! Who do you think will WIN?

Luckily for us international fans, good samaritans are always around to give us subbed WIN videos as quickly as they can. Don't you just love that?

Here you go with the episodes. These are from onewomansubs. And yeah, I will be providing download links (mp4) for her so I will just link her blog instead.

Press Conference
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

If you have any request just hit it below!